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I'm a third year undergraduate student on the MEng Mathematical Computation degree at UCL.

I'm a Web Dev / Full-Stack Engineer @ Applied.
Previously: Full-Stack Engineer @ Elbi, Research @ Open Ocean, data science/dev intern in the Semantic Technology team at Credit Suisse.
I've had experience in Web Development (HTML, CSS/SASS, JS/jQuery/React/Node/Express, Python, Liquid/Jekyll, associated build tools, etc), Data Visualisation (JS/d3.js), and some data science/ML (Python, Scala). I've also picked up what I refer to as the usual, or "traditional" CS languages - C and Java; I prefer C. Also baby in Haskell :) Ultimately, I'm in love with all things JavaScript - WOOP Atwood's Law.
I am also viciously in love with my Mac Terminal, although I've used Linux & Windows CLIs before. BASH!

Teaching is a really big hobby of mine, as the exercise of 'translating' hard concepts into simple English is good brain exercise, and I love it when someone learns something they never thought they would be able to do. I teach with CodeFirst: Girls! See Networks for more :)

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Samples of my work

A lot of my code is on my GitHub page, so feel free to check there.

I'm currently working on the UCLU TechSoc website, and online notes for Code First: Girls.

More coming soon! Check out Medium instead, or follow my TinyLetter here:

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Teams and Networks I've worked with

Here are some networks I love: She++ London, UCLU TechSoc, CodeFirst: Girls.

I've been a dedicated CodeFirst: Girls instructor since November 2014.
Now, I'm the Lead Curriculum Instructor/Developer for the Front-End Web Dev course.
I also lead teaching at UCL, which started in October 2015, and co-led a couple of Professionals' courses.

In 2014, I served as an Events Coordinator, Digital & PR Director, and Web Developer for UCLU Leading Women Society, and the Secretary of UCLU Pole.
In 2015, I served as the President of UCLU Pole Fitness, and the Client & Public Relations Director of UCLU TechSoc.
I was also a She++ Ambassador for 2015-2016, and am now working on developing their first chapter outside of Stanford, in London. Yay! :D


I'm currently based in London. Got an idea or a thought to share?
Email me, or tweet me - Twitter preferred!.