diana 簡李慧英

Hi :) I'm a software engineering leader, educator, performing artist, intuitive co-healer, and all-round integrated human.

Within software, I aim to nurture and grow globally relevant and progressive technical teams at the forefront of the industry, which are inclusive and decolonised at the core, and raise the bar for existing standards of technical leadership. I'm now the CTO & Co-founder at Suvera, focusing on supercharging healthcare for people with chronic conditions, and don't have a lot of time to do my website.

Outside of my career in software, I am a writer, an intuitive tea leaf and tarot reader, XPert qualified pole dance / fitness instructor & international performer, student of Dance Movement Psychotherapy & Chinese dance, an avid watcher of Chinese mythology (仙侠) dramas, a certified Jikiden ("directly-passed-down") Reiki practitioner, and a nerd about anything related to radical healing, decolonisation of the soul and reclamation of power. I also hold a 2nd Dan Black belt in Taekwondo, got a distinction for LAMDA Grade 8 in Acting + did RAD Ballet up to Grade 6 & various musical things in school, and am a company member with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.

My dreams for the decade 2020-2030 involve being in the main cast of a revolutionary film with gravitas / depth (similar to Jordan Peele's Get Out & Us) that decolonises the global representation of Chinese people, finding ways to support stories bringing authentic representation to the (indigenous) Malay population of Singapore on a global scale, starring in a traditional / spiritual Chinese (古装、武/仙侠) drama based on Tang dynasty priestesses, performing for artists that are unabashedly challenging the status quo & restructuring global power dynamics (e.g. Rihanna/Fenty, Stormzy - hear me out / 88rising / Jackson Wang / Lizzo), and supporting access to the intersectional, decolonised, Black feminist movement & voice in Singapore.

I'm currently open to freelance or part-time work in London, or -ideally- remote work, in full-stack development and/or data science - I'm comfortable in any forward thinking stack that involves JavaScript or Python. I mentor with Mentorcruise and Thinkful, for up to 3 students on each of these platforms. You can find some of my public code here.

Although I am not currently open to mentoring at the moment, if I were available again, I would be particularly interested in mentoring people with underestimated, underrepresented backgrounds in technology, as a non-binary femme, queer, woman of colour, myself. I'm also open to mentoring people who identify as default identities ("upper-class", "straight", "white", cis-male, etc.) who wish to be more authentic allies in tech, and improve their own abilities to share knowledge inclusively. 🚀

If you would like a comprehensive idea of my work, you can try and find my CV by adding it to the end of my URL, or check out my profile on LinkedIn (which I am not active on outside of the occasional profile update). I am more active on Twitter. Some highlights of my career are being the first hire at Applied, working as an interim tech lead for a Russian supermodel's philantrophy tech company, being the first chapter creator of She++ outside of the US, and leading a sports society (Pole Fitness) at UCL for 5 years (second year as President).

If you are looking to get in touch with me for an opportunity or event, or supporting my complementary healing work, you can drop me a line at diana (at) diana (dot) click, but I will only respond if our interests and schedules align.

Thank you.

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